Our 2015 Endometriosis Awareness Walk

Group photo from 2015 walk

Good morning!

This past Saturday, March 28, 2015, was our little Endometriosis Awareness Walk around Lake Miramar in San Diego, CA!  This was not affiliated or associated with any organization’s event: just a bunch of EndoWarriors, friends, and their support coming together!  

We had 20 attendees!  Three of us actually suffer from Endometriosis; the rest of the attendees were family, significant others, and friends.  The sheer support that was present was overwhelming!  Everyone, including the wee kids, made the 5-mile walk around the shorelines.  Some of us were stopped along the way and asked why we were all wearing tie-dye or yellow and what the walk was all about.  We did it.  We did this…together.

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