How to make a complaint against a bad doctor

Time and time again, I hear about people who feel mistreated or neglected by their physicians.  Some of my EndoWarriors have even been verbally abused by their physicians and their staff.  But what can you, as a mistreated patient, do?  Do not simply put your head down and cry.  Do something about it!  Report it to someone of authority.  Here are a few tips on how best to do that:

You can ask to speak with the physician’s supervisor, which may be a higher-up physician in that practice, or even a Customer Service, Quality Control, or Patient Advocacy department.  Larger hospitals may have departments that deal with grievances.  Some physicians work under the umbrella of a medical group. Feel free to send a letter to the doctor and cc: his supervisor/medical group/grievance department, etc.  Give him/her the opportunity to respond to your letter.  Send that piece of correspondence by certified mail with a return receipt so you have confirmation that they’ve received it.

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