Share Your Story : Nat

Yellow awareness ribbon with text that reads I'm a Non-binary Endo Warrior

Nat was 22 years old when diagnosed with Endometriosis.  Now 33, Nat wants to share a very important message to the Endo Community, crossing gender barriers and reaching out to an often-neglected group of EndoWarriors.

Nat’s Journey: We need to stop making illness about gender – a.k.a I’m a boi with endo. Under my list of illnesses/disabilities, I mark endometriosis as being one of the most debilitating pain wise. I mean yes I’ve been pretty much out of action this past week thanks to vertigo, but that pales in comparison to the pain of a first full day of menstrual bleeding that chose this morning to kick in and sent me crawling back under the covers. I’ve gone from anti-vertigo meds to the strongest painkillers I have in the flat that aren’t codeine and a heat pack being applied across my tummy in order to just sit up. And believe me when I say that I WISH I lived in America and could go buy a tub of Aleve rather than a tiny pack of NINE of the same effing tablets for £5 (around $8 USD), yes that’s right for NINE of them.

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