Endometriosis & the Eyes

Potted barrel cactus with googly eyes

During my recent research regarding Endometriosis growing on the lungs and spine, I’ve also bumped into references to incredibly rare cases where it’s been found on the eyes, or the structures near the eyes.  THE EYES!  Ugh.  Makes my skin crawl.  So I figured I’d delve a bit into that today.

Most of all of the books and webpages I’ve read that talk about Endometriosis say it can grow on the eyes, but I’m having an extremely difficult time finding case studies or reports online about it.

In 2008 a case report was published of a 13-year-old girl would bleed from her tear duct during her menstrual cycle.  After imaging studies and other tests, it was suspected that she had Endometriosis inside her nasolacrimal canal (it houses the tear ducts); however, due to the location of the tissue, biopsies (and a confirmed diagnosis) were “impossible.”  For treatment, she was put on birth control.  If that didn’t control her symptoms, she would undergo hormone therapy.  I cannot find any follow-up studies on this poor girl (see photograph below).

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