Excision vs Ablation

Graphic depicting excision vs ablation
Detail,”The Endo-Graphic” by Sarah Soward.

So, you may be reading this because you have a surgery pending, or you’ve had surgery and want to know if it was the “right” one.  Well, when it comes to Endometriosis, there are typically two ways of dealing with the lesions that I’ve read of. If there’s more, share with me, please!  Whichever way your surgeon opens you up : laparotomy or laparoscopy, robotic-assisted or not – your surgeon will still need to decide how best to handle the lesions he or she finds within your body.

  1.  Excision – removing the entire lesion by cutting a margin of healthy flesh around the lesion – see the graphic above, scooping the healthy soil around the flower to get the roots, and then some.
  2. Ablation – destroying the lesion by burning the surface away.  Like freezing off a mole or wart, but burning away the Endo.  The graphic above with the flamethrower may leave the roots of the lesion, and unhealthy Endometriosis tissue, behind…
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New Endometriosis Infographic

My good friend and fellow EndoSister, Sarah Soward, has created this amazing and informative graphic about Endometriosis.  Please click on her link (here) and share it on social media.  Tag your fellow EndoSisters, friends, and family!  Spread the word!  If you’d like to reach out to Sarah, you can also do so through her webpage!

Thank you, Sarah, for all that you do!  This is an amazing piece of EndoAwareness Art!!!  Your creativity is limitless!  Your paintings are beautiful.  Your support is never-ending.  And you are such an incredible woman and inspiration. ❤

17148938_10155899029068712_1319924736_o (1).png


Endometriosis: It’s a Real Problem


A local EndoWarrior, artist, and good friend of mine, Sarah Soward, created this fun and beautiful little graphic after my recent conversation with a local retired gynecologist.  Wishing more doctors, friends, and family truly understood just what a problem Endometriosis is…

Like the image? Feel free to share it!  Like Sarah says, “We have to talk about the problem in order to solve the problem. ❤

Have a wonderful day!

Yours, Lisa (& Sarah!)