Free Downloadable Book by Dr. Seckin

New Medical Textbook Focusing Solely on Endometriosis, Now Available!

Last year, Dr. Seckin and colleagues collaborated and wrote a free, downloadable 500-page book about Endometriosis “to help students, doctors, scientists, physicians, healthcare workers, and patients, to deepen and broaden their knowledge and foster a precise, individualized approach to the treatment of endometriosis patients.”

I meant to share it several months ago when I first saw it, but it slipped through the cracks.  BUT, I’m doing it now!

For more information on the free book, as well as how you (or your healthcare providers, friends, or family), can download Endometriosis – A Concise Practical Guide to Current Diagnosis and Treatment, please follow this link:

Thank you, Dr. Seckin, for all that you do!

Silent Endometriosis

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There are many usual signs and symptoms of Endometriosis.  If you suffer from this disease, you know them all too well. One of our readers, Tanya, let us know that she suffers from “Silent Endometriosis.”  What’s that?  She has an official Endometriosis diagnosis, but only some of the symptoms associated with Endometriosis.  Some people with Silent Endo don’t have any Endo symptoms (this is known as asymptomatic Endometriosis). Does that make her any less of an Endo sufferer? No, not at all.  She suffers from the same invasive disease as the rest of us.  Just in a different way.

A whole slew of questions were raised, which we’ll look into:

  1. Why do some people present with classic symptoms like crippling pain and some don’t?
  2. And, given that silent endometriosis exists, this makes me wonder if the overall incidents of endometriosis is higher than is usually quoted. How many have this disease and have no idea?
  3. Since the symptoms don’t present as normal in silent endometriosis, what are some of the other signs that people possibly facing this condition can look out for?
  4. Why do some patients who are riddled with endometriosis have no pain, and others with very little endometriosis have excruciating pain?
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Share Your Story : Amy

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Amy was 29 years old when she learned she had Endometriosis.  Now 38 and living in New Jersey, she has turned her personal battle with Endometriosis into a campaign to help others.

Amy’s Journey: My first memory of my cramps was when I was just 14 years old. I was on vacation with my family in Florida at my Grandmother’s house. We were there for a fun family vacation. However, my cramps were so bad that my mother insisted that I do a shot of brandy to warm my insides up. I was only 14! That is how my period started and it has continued to affect my life on a constant basis.

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Signs & Symptoms of Endometriosis

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Many people born with a uterus have Endometriosis and don’t even know it.  They may be cis-gender, transgender, non-binary, or others. And there have been rare instances of men developing Endometriosis, too. I sure didn’t know what it was until I received my diagnosis. I’d never even heard of it. Endo-what?  

So what are the red flags of Endometriosis?  If I only knew about this list prior to my diagnosis, I would have gone to my doctor years ago! I met every single one of these symptoms!! Every. Single. One.

You may have Endometriosis if you have any of the following issues:

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