Feel Good Fridays

Pen and blank To Do list

It’s FRIDAY! We made it through another week!  And you know what that means…Feel Good Friday!

Today’s quote is by 18th Century composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

“The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.”

I know that many of you, including myself, have so many goals, bills, hurdles, or challenges!  So many things we’d like or need to do, but are overwhelmed by everything on our plates.  Pick one.  Whether it be the easiest, the fastest, the most pressing, the hardest, the cheapest, or the most fulfilling…just pick one.  Focus on that.

Baby steps.  Complete that “one.”  And then pick the next.

Whittle through the bills.

Go on that long-desired vacation.

Learn to knit.

Clean the bathroom.

Catch up on your favorite TV show.

Take a nap.

Save up money for that surgery.

Get a cat.

Cook dinner.

Conquer the world.

Whatever is on your plate, you can do it.  All of it.  Even if it is just one thing at a time.  Do not overwhelm yourself with the whole picture – focus on one thing at a time, and you will accomplish them all, albeit in time.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yours, Lisa