My favorite tea

honey jar shaped like a bear. A lemon, a piece of ginger, and vegetable peeler are next to the jar

Before my diagnosis, I was an avid coffee and soda drinker.  I rarely ever drank any water.  And since waking up from my surgery and being told I have Endo, I’ve done a complete 180 degree turn.

I stopped drinking caffeine and soda the second I learned caffeine is bad for us.ย  And went in the search for alternatives.ย  And decaffeinated tea was not an option after learning that it still has traces of caffeine… Now all I drink is water (allll day), one glass of white wine with dinner, followed by this tea before bed. Every day.

I’ve fallen in love with a recipe for a tea that is made of lemon juice, honey, and ginger.  Each of those ingredients is good for you on they’re own; however, together, it’s a trifecta of AMAZING.  Not to mention delicious!  I’ve enjoyed it almost every single night since I read about it in July of this year.  Not only do I feel good, but it’s also a nice way to slip into a sleepy state. All comfy and warm. And relaxed…

If you’re interested, instructions for how I make it will be at the end of the blog.  I will also include links to recipes for other ways you can make it ๐Ÿ™‚

So why do I feel that it is so good for us? I’ve gleaned the following info from several different online source. books, and friends:

320px-Lemon Lemon Juice:

It’s loaded with Vitamin C, which EndoSisters need for a healthy immune system.  It also reduces the presence of free radicals, which in turn reduces inflammation and swelling.  Lemons contain bioflavonoids that help maintain adequate levels of Vitamin C in every cell of your body. Think of all of the healthy rebuilding you’re doing from the inside out!  Studies also show that Vitamin C may prevent bone loss (of interest to me due to my ongoing Lupron Depot injections, which may cause bone loss…).  Lemon juice is also high in Potassium, which our brains crave. And finally, lemon juice also aids in digesting foods down, leaving less mess for our livers to clean up.

Gingembre Ginger:

Not only does it ease digestive discomfort, it is also an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.  It’s also been known to ease nausea and dizziness.  Several websites also state that it’s been known to help with menstrual cramps…

honey Honey:

It can boost the immune system, and is also known to be a major source of vitamins and nutrients.  Not to mention it sweetens the tart tea…

How I make it (the lazy man’s way):

1. Boil water (I use a tea pot on the stove, but you can microwave it if you want).

2. Cut one lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bottom of an empty mug.  Pick out any seeds with a spoon.

3. Peel a knob of ginger root (over the trash can is my favorite).  I like the ones that are about one inch big, but you’ll find your size.  I then take the peeler and peel bits of ginger root into the mug with lemon juice.  I actually buy ginger from the store, cut it into 1 inch bits, and shove the whole lot into the freezer.  I find it easier to peel the skin and peel the meat when it’s frozen…

4. Pour honey into the mug with the lemon & ginger.  Use as much or as little as you like…

5. Pour the boiling water into the mug.  Stir.  The ginger bits will float to the top.  Once they settle the the bottom (about 10-15 minutes later), it’s ready to enjoy!

Now the only thing that sucks about my lazy man’s method is you have to fight to keep the ginger from entering your mouth when you get near the bottom of the mug.  At that point, I just close my teeth over the mug and they act as a filter. Delicious tea in, ginger stays out. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Here are alternative methods for making the tea…

Instructions by Isabelle Hannigan

About Food’s recipe

The Kitchn’s recipe (oooh with Whiskey!)

Do you have your own favorite tea?  Post it below! Very curious.

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