Dry Body Brushing

dry brush
Dry body brush with massage nubs

So last night I read about this thing called “body brushing.”  I rolled my eyes, scoffed, and moved on.  Woke up this morning full of curiosity about it and asked my fellow EndoWarriors if any of them have heard about it.  99.9% of those that responded LOVE body brushing!

What is body brushing? It’s running a dry bristle brush lightly across the surface of your skin, in a particular order and direction.  Not only will it slough off old skin bits, but it’s *supposed* to increase circulation and help unclutter our lymphatic systems.  Which is all good for us. What’s a lymphatic system? Observe below:

Anatomy of lymphatic system

After hearing the mad ravings of my fellow Warriors, I had to run out to CVS to buy one and try it out for myself, if nothing else but for the amazingly, relaxing daily ritual these Women raved about.  Brush acquired! $7 at CVS Pharmacy.

So, I didn’t want to wait until morning…I lit a nice candle, stripped down to my birthday suit, and gently brushed my entire body.  Granted, I pushed too hard on my shoulder and now have a sweet scratch, but it’s beginning to fade.  It wasn’t as scratchy an experience as I had imagined.  It became almost Zen-like, hypnotic.

steamy shower door
Steamy shower

Once brushed, I hopped into a steaming shower, washed my hair, and slathered up with my favorite peppermint soap : Dr. Bronners! Steamed and pruney, I finished the shower with a quick cold rinse and stepped out.

Bring on the lotion! I have a favorite : Glonaturals Coconut Collection body lotion, infused with coconut oil and an amaaaazing scent.  Not to mention the best lotion I’ve ever put on.  I loved this lotion before body brushing, but afterward, it just goes on like butter, soaks in, and I feel so amazingly smooth it’s incredible!

bottle of coconut oil lotion
the BEST lotion!

So here’s to hoping this new ritual clears up my lymphatic system and keeps my body happy and healthy.  And, again, if nothing else, I’ve got a new amazing and comforting ritual that makes me feel like the beautiful and worthwhile woman I sometimes forget I am.

For more on body brushing, the theories behind it, read more at Natural Health Techniques.

Do you body brush? What differences, if any, have you encountered?

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