I’m having a love affair…

salad greens

If you would have told me six months ago I’d be eating salads for lunch, and LOVING it, I would have called you crazy.

Prior to my diagnosis, I hated salad. Rabbit food.  Filler.  Just gimme the main course!

But here I am, presently chomping down on my little, simple salad and just so overwhelmed with flavor that I needed to blog about it!

Part of my dealing with Endometriosis was altering my diet and getting healthier.  My body is running at less-than-optimal performance because of this stupid disease.  So I need to do everything I can to recharge and revitalize my body, from the inside out.  Part of that proclamation is SALAD!

I prep my salads before heading to work: a pre-mixed leafy green mix from the store, throw in some cherry tomatoes, wrap a cucumber and a hard boiled egg up in a paper towel and toss that in the bowl, throw some sunflower seeds in a baggy and throw that in the bowl, and add some dressing (either balsamic vinaigrette or poppy seed dressing) into a little lidded-cup and toss that in the bowl.  As soon as lunch comes around, I cut it all up, mix it all together, and savor the flavor!

Not only is it uber-healthy for me, but I feel good (mentally and physically) knowing I’m doing one small thing to help my body stay in fit condition.

AND I’m saving money!  $4 for pre-cut leafy greens; $3 for tomatoes; $1 for the cucumber, $1 for the seeds, and $3 for a dozen eggs.  $12 feeds me for a week!   Sure beats picking up lunch every day!

Anyway, I ramble.  I was just so excited that this retarded diagnosis has truly made me healthier and wiser!  🙂 So, the silver lining!!

I hope this finds you well today.


2 thoughts on “I’m having a love affair…

  1. Good work on the salad, sounds delicious! I’ve been micro-managing what I eat to a ridiculous level, and I definitely think it makes a difference. A slightly bitter sweet thing though is people keep saying to me lately: ”Oh you look really well.’ The irony eh?! Anyway, take care.


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