Camping with friends

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So this weekend was my first camping trip since my surgery, diagnosis, and diet change.

What an experience.  I figured it was only ONE day & night so I’d just eat my old camping food (MREs or dehydrated MountainHouse foods).  I brought fruit and nuts for snack foods, too. And plenty of water.

Boy, what a mistake.

Friends were cooking fajitas over their camp stoves, which I resisted.  Other friends made beef & cheese tacos for everyone.  Which I also resisted.  What I didn’t resist were the Fritos… or the beer…or the Bisquick pancakes in the morning.  I didn’t end up eating an MRE, but did enjoy the MountainHouse Chicken & Rice meal…So here I was with plenty of wheat-based products, a bit of dairy, processed foods and sugars…which I have been avoiding as much as possible for the past six months.

But today, today my stomach is hosting a riot!…The only way to really learn that the Stove is Hot is to touch a burner…only make that mistake once.

Next time I know better: I’m packing an ice chest with my salad, my tea fixin’s, fruit, nuts, turkey dogs, and a few other “easy to haul/easy to fix” meals appropriate to my EndoDiet.  I fear I’ve become that “high maintenance camper…”

But, it’s okay.  What’s better for my body is better for me!

What do you guys pack food-wise for your overnight adventures?

End of rant! I hope you guys are all having a wonderful week!



One thought on “Camping with friends

  1. Hi Lisa!
    I’m glad you got out and did something fun with your friends! It’s hard to step outside of our comfort zone, i.e. no heating pads, specialized meals, extra pain meds or comfy pillows…the list goes on and on!
    I did the same thing when I went out of town to meet up with the EndoMarch Team Virginia and YellowHOPE support group. I was feeling AMAZING so I decided to eat like a normal person. BAD IDEA! I was in so much pain for days and my intestines are still recovering 2 weeks later.
    I normally take my own GF bread with almond butter to make sandwiches, low acid coffee, fruit and GF oatmeal. Yep, it’s the blandest diet in the whole world. 🙂

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