Feel Good Friday!

Pit crew working on a racecar

It’s FRIDAY!  We made it another week!  Today’s Feel Good Friday quote is by American author, H. Jackson Brown, Jr.:

Let perseverance be your engine and hope your fuel.

I’ve heard so many, many stories from my EndoWarriors where their doctors do not believe their state of pain, say Endo is “all in their heads,” and continue to refer them out to other “specialists” bouncing them around and around the medical system to be misdiagnosed or ill-treated.  To those Warriors, I shout, “Persevere!” Keep pushing forward.  Keeping looking for a doctor that will believe and understand you! They are out there.  Push for a referral to an Endometriosis Specialist.  Do not let the constant disbelief and shuffling around defeat you!  For those of us who have settled into our diagnosis, persevere through the pain. Find friends and a support system to help you through it.  Find natural exercise and treatments to help.  Find what is right for your body.

And never lose hope.  Hope that there will better treatments. Hope there will be a cure.  Hope that you’ll find the right doctor for you.  Hope that you’ll tailor your diet and supplements to your body.  Hope to find a key support system (sticking with the car theme: your Pit Crew).  Hope for a pain-free day. And one day, a pain-free life.  Never. Lose. Hope.

And for those of you who many not have Endometriosis and you’ve stumbled across this post, the same goes for you.  Persevere in life, and hold onto the hope for your goals and dreams.  You’ll get there.

Have a wonderful Friday, and may your weekend be filled with FUN!

Yours, Lisa.

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