A little bit of Yellow Cheer

water sling with an owl on it

So, I’m going on my little Endometriosis Awareness March on March 28, 2015, with some friends (the event is growing!) around a lake in San Diego. It’s about a 5-mile trek and I need to bring some water, but don’t want to wear one of my Camelpak’s or a fanny pack with water bottles.  So I hit Etsy.com and perused the goods (logged in using Goodshop.com and they donated 2.75% of my etsy purchase to the Endometriosis Foundation of America).

I’m SO excited!  I found a woman who creates these beautiful sling-style water bottle carrier/holsters and she agreed to make a custom order for me!  AND IT’S FINISHED!  All I asked for was: could it be yellow-based with an owl and maybe a yellow ribbon on it? And *poof* she’s created this beautiful sling water bottle holder! Now I can walk hands-free on March 28th!  And everywhere else I trek around with my water bottle (I’m ALWAYS thirsty these days!).

It cost me roughly $25, but it’s a little piece of something that will bring me great cheer just walking around with it, and will hopefully be a conversation starter about Endo. I’m grateful to Mary for making this for me and cannot wait to receive it in the mail!

If you’d like your own water bottle carrier (or even see what she’s got pre-made), please feel free to contact Mary Truitt at her Etsy Shop, Seaside Siren.

It’s the little things that make me smile. And it’s those little things that matter.

May my fellow EndoWarriors have a pain-free day today.

Yours, Lisa

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