Feel Good Fridays!

Person walking with a right prosthetic leg

It’s Friiiiiday! We made it through another week!

Today’s Feel Good Friday quote is brought to you by Bodie Thoene, who (coincidentally) was one of my favorite authors growing up.  She and her her husband wrote several series of books and I was sucked into them! Looks like they’re still writing…

“Sometime the only way t’ keep goin’ is t’ keep goin’.”

Words to live by when you’re stuck, when you feel that you cannot go any further.  Unable to take one more step, endure one more ounce of pain.

Yes, yes, you can.  Just hang in there and keep going.

It was fun stumbling across her name in today’s search for a quote.  I nearly peed myself. Nearly. 😉

Have an enjoyable weekend!

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