Feel Good Fridays!

Rosie the Riveter poster "We can do it"

Good morning! It’s Friday! And that means, Feel Good Friday!

Today’s quote is by Swami Vivekananda, an Indian spiritual leader:

“A few heart-whole, sincere, and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century.”

What can you do to help change the world? Even the smallest influence.  Just bringing a smile to a stranger’s face may alter the course of their day (and yours). Together we can make a difference, even the slightest difference.  In anything.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.  The whole month!  For us, EndoWarriors!  What will you do to help spread awareness?  I plan on:

  • Wearing my Bloomin’ Uterus button every day (like I do already)
  • Participating in the social media Endo Challenge
  • Whenever I use a public bathroom, placing a Bloomin’ Uterus Endo Awareness card in the mirror
  • Wearing my yellow “Ask Me About Endo” ribbon provided by the Endometriosis Association
  • Wearing my Endometriosis Awareness t-shirt created by Lauren Siciliano
  • Wearing my Bloomin’ Uterus t-shirt created by yours truly
  • Walking in March with other women, friends, and family to raise awareness
  • Trying to start a San Diego area Endometriosis Support Group, to meet once a month

Together we can bring change.

Yours, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays!

  1. Lisa, I was going to respond to you privately about this week’s Feel Good Friday post; however, this post has affected me so strongly that I want the world to know how proud I am of you. What an inspiration. No, I don’t suffer from endometriosis, but as your mother I suffer watching you suffer. But I am so EXTREMELY proud of you for taking a really bad thing and turning it into something good through sharing your pain and inspiring others. This post has not only been an inspiration for endometrosis victims, but for the people in their lives, as well. Thank you, hon, for being who you are.

    Proud Mom

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