Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale


Women with a higher stage of Endometriosis are in more pain than those with a lower stage.


There are four regularly accepted stages of Endometriosis: 1 through 4 (I – IV).  I was diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis, but does that mean my pain was far greater than someone with Stage I?


The Stage level merely identifies the intensity of presence and damage by Endometriosis and adhesions.  And oddly enough, someone with Stage I, with very little Endo present, may have far greater pain that someone with Stage IV.  And someone with Stage IV may not have any symptoms and be stunned to learn they have Endometriosis.

Does that mean someone with Stage IV doesn’t have pain? No.  This disease is individualized for every woman.  There is no “standard” way to diagnose a woman’s pain level purely based on the stage of her disease.  Any woman with Stage I, II, III, or IV may have no pain or may be in excruciating, debilitating pain.

More information on Stages of Endometriosis can be found here and here.

2 thoughts on “Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale

  1. Very true! I am an example of Stage 1 Endometriosis causing severe pain. 😖 Great info and very important as those without Endometriosis (and even some who have Endo but remain without access to facts) may not understand this peculiar aspect of the disease.

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