Feel Good Friday!

A stamp that reads Fragile

We made it to another Friday!! *woohoo*

Today’s Feel Good quote is by British Author, John Brunner:

“I’m myself, not a label.”

I love this!  I’ve always hated labels:

I’m fat. I’m skinny.

I’m a leader.  I’m a follower.

I’m popular. I’m alone.

I’m amazing.  I’m mediocre.

I’m not good enough.  I’m too good for this.

I’m a victim.  I’m a survivor.

I’m strong.  I’m weak.

I am all of these things.  And none of these things.

Words have power.  And labels limit, influence, and affect us.  Let them go.  Let them shed away.

I’m just me.  Plain and simple : me.

If you can embrace and love you for you, and not hang onto labels, you may just okay with who you are.  You are you.  And people love you for you.  And you can love you, too.  Just as you are.

Have a wonderful weekend, and for you American readers : a safe and happy Fourth!

Yours, Lisa

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