Feel Good Friday!

Sneakers in the grass and the words Just Breathe

It’s been a week since my last blog? A week?

Oh man, what a week it’s been…

My weekend was commandeered with an Endo pain flare-up.

My Jeep had a window smashed and a bag stolen.  It will take 2 weeks for a new window to be installed.

Work has been incredibly busy.

I’m studying for a big exam coming up.

Ugh.  And this is the first time I have a moment to even think about the Bloomin’ Uterus blog.  I’ve missed this release.  But, today…today is Feel Good Friday and I couldn’t miss it!

Today’s quote is by Dr. Steve Maraboli, a life coach and motivational speaker:

“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”

He’s right.  There’s absolutely nothing I can do about getting the window any faster.  There’s nothing I can do that I haven’t already done about the bag, it’s missing contents, or replacing them.  There’s nothing I can do about the attitudes and habits of bad people who feel the need to violate other people’s things.

I can continue to study for my exam.  And I can get through today.

We’ve made it to another Friday. The end of the week.  The beginning of the weekend.  Take a deep breath. And let it all go.


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