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Michelle had suffered with the pain associated with Endo long before she was diagnosed with Endometriosis when she was 21.  Now 52, she lives in Bury, Lancashire in the UK. Her story is one of the more dramatic ones I’ve read so far:

Michelle’s Journey:  I had excruciating period pain from being 16. My doctor at the time told my mum I was hypochondriac and could not take pain. We all believed him.

I almost collapsed one day going to work and when I pressed my tummy it felt bruised and so sore. I knew there was something in my tummy but family and friends laughed at me. I needed someone to check my tummy but who? My doctor wouldn’t! I went along to a family planning clinic at age 21 under the pretense that I wanted a coil fitted. Three doctors examined me that evening, each asking me why I was there and then having meetings together. They called me in the room and announced I was 9 months pregnant. I told them that was impossible, I still had periods and really painful ones. They said “we are 3 doctors and WE KNOW when someone is pregnant”. They said I was in denial.

I had to go to my doctor as emergency the following morning. He was not there but a nice young lady locum doctor was. She arranged for an emergency scan first thing. She said not to worry everything would be ok. People from all over heard overnight about my imminent baby and by day 2 I had everything: cots, blankets, clothes, prams etc. The generosity of everyone was overwhelming and I started to believe I was having a baby. Next morning, the scan… I woke up in so much pain. They put the scan probe on my tummy and immediately turned the screen away. What is wrong, why can’t I see the screen??? Wait for a week for the results to get to your doctor they said.

I collapsed when I got home, blood pouring from below! My mum phoned my new doctor, she rushed up to my home. I was on the toilet with blood pouring. She contacted the hospital and then the bad news… no baby… Endometriosis….cyst, the size of a 9 month baby! Emergency operation was organized. When they opened me up the 9 month baby cyst was the ‘small’ one at the front… I had a larger massive one that had twisted round my back, up my spine and was pressing on my heart… I would have only had 2 weeks to live had I not sought help at the family planning clinic! If I had been older they would have done full hysterectomy but wanted to try and save one of my ovaries even though badly damaged.

I suffered cysts, pain, bleeding for years. Eventually at 31 I had a full hysterectomy. Best thing ever. If I hear of young girls in pain with periods, I tell them all to seek help immediately, you just never know.

Words of Advice for Us:  Do not suffer pains. Tell them you need pain relief. Keep an eye on tenderness in the pelvic area. Ask for regular scans. Don’t be fobbed off.

Last Words: Listen to your body…you know it better than anyone! Research and do your homework on the condition. And make your doctor listen to you.

If you wish to contact Michelle, you can email  

I want to send a special Thank You out to Michelle for being brave enough to share her personal story, struggle, and victories with us today.  You are a beautiful, brave, and strong woman.  May your words sink in for some of the women going through a similar situation.  And again, thank you for being brave enough to share! Yours, Lisa.

And if YOU would like to share your story, please let me know.  The best part about this disease is the strong network of love and support from our fellow EndoWarriors, and our friends and family, too.

Yours, Lisa.

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