Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale?

Physical therapy may help improve Endometriosis pain, pelvic pain, and adhesion pain?


There is a lot of claims, research, and studies out there that physical therapy can help improve pain and symptoms associated with Endometriosis and adhesions.  More on this topic will follow in a few weeks on this blog.  But there are many, many, MANY patients and facilities stating that physical therapy has helped with their pain.  Whether it be pelvic floor therapy, the Wurn technique, or other PT, it may be an avenue of treatment you may wish to pursue.  Because it works for some women, but not all women, I’m classifying this as a theory.  And will most certainly be looking more into it in the very near future.

Have a great and pain-free day.

Yours, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Truth, Theory, or Tall Tale?

  1. Thank you for this post. I don’t have endometriosis but follow this blog to support a dear friend that does. Because of this, I don’t post comment. But this post is one I can relate to.

    I suffer from something else, interstitial cystitis (a painful inflammation of the bladder), which, like endometriosis, has no cure and treatments often involve invasive surgery, diet and/or lifestyle changes, and (most frequently) medications.

    Many of these treatments merely treat the symptoms but not the cause because the cause isn’t well understood (like endometriosis). Diet and lifestyle modification has been my go to because it was what was most recommended by my doctor (even before surgery). Furthermore, it seemed like the most natural option and most cost effective as my insurance is not the best.

    But I, like you, did my research and learned what I could about the disease and discovered that physical therapy was, in many countries, the prescription of choice, specifically Pelvic Floor Therapy to help reduce tension in the pelvic floor muscles. This was not a treatment my doctor ever discussed with me which surprised me. After my diagnostic surgery and a hydro distention of my bladder as a short term treatment, I thought for sure PT would be the next step. But my doctor opted for Rx medication instead.

    So that was a lot of backstory to get to my point: I’m happy to see that as you continue yo educate yourself and the readers of your blog, that you’re entertaining all options in the hopes that they may help someone, anyone, even if they are not yet clinically proven, highly perscribed, etc. Because this could be the piece of information that changes even one woman’s endo journey.

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    1. Than you for having the balls to lay this all out there!!! And always feel free to stand up for yourself and get that referral to pelvic floor therapy. 🙂 It has helped all kinds of women! So proud of you.


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