UPDATE : Tampons Taboo?

An unwrapped, unused tampon

If you recall, we wrote about tampons and the potential for chemicals and processing which may be harmful to people who use them.  Well, there’s been some recent developments.

Procter & Gamble (they make Tampax) and Kimberly-Clark (they make Kotex) have conceded to public pressure to disclose some ingredients of their feminine hygiene products.  You can read the online ingredients of each here:




Now if you ask me, these disclosures are sort of a slap in the face.  “Fragrance ingredients” and “Fragrance ingredients like those found in other women’s products” is not a disclosure at all, merely a description.  Likewise for “superabsorbent material”…what makes up the super absorbent material?  They’ve been able to placate some outcry by a partial disclosure, but Congressman Maloney continues her legislative efforts for full disclosure of the ingredients.  Women’s Voices for the Earth will also continue their fight for full disclosure.  Change.org still hosts a petition for full disclosure.

Full disclosure…

There’s a study released by the University of La Plata in Argentina, showing that tampons, pads, and gauze may have carcinogenic ingredients.  You can read the Huffington Post’s story and a video was also created by Now This:

We use these products every month.  We deserve to know what we are either inserting into our bodies or pressing up against our fleshy bits.




Huffington Post



The New York Times

Women’s Voices of the Earth

~ Again, I am a layman.  I do not hold any college degrees, nor mastery of knowledge.  Please take what I say with a grain of salt.  If curious, do your own research 😉 Validate my writings.  Or challenge them.  And ALWAYS feel free to consult with your physician. Always.  Yours ~ Lisa

4 thoughts on “UPDATE : Tampons Taboo?

  1. This is scary. I try very hard to avoid exposure to chemicals and to buy natural products, but honestly I never thought about tampons. Pads, yes, b/c many of them have inked designs on the product (dead giveaway). I’m a big petition person, think I’ll sign it. Interesting read. 🙂

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