Feel Good Fridays

A single lightbulb

We made it through another week!

Today’s quote is by Marie Curie:

“Certain bodies… become luminous when heated. Their luminosity disappears after some time, but the capacity of becoming luminous afresh through heat is restored to them by the action of a spark…”

Why do I love this quote?  To me, it represents our passions in life.  We may be overwhelmed by passion for a particular subject or activity, but lose it for one reason or another.  It could be the topic no longer interests us, or that we had to “drop” it due to physical or emotional roadblocks.  Does that make us any less (fill in the blank)?  No.  We are still whole.  We still have “the capacity of becoming luminous afresh…”

This holds true for every aspect in our lives: a bad break-up, an unexplained sadness, the loss of a friend or loved one, a personal defeat.  We lose something, but are we any less?  No.  We may have a void, but we are still us.  We still have that ability to be full…to be luminous.

And at any time, our spark may return, either self-imposed or by the spark of another.  Ignite each other. Inspire each other.  Imagine the ripple effect.  Imagine the glow.

a series of lightbulbs

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