Recap : End Endo Fundraiser!

Five people standing side by side for  a group photo

On February 27, 2016, The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence hosted an Endometriosis awareness fundraiser at Shooters Cocktails in Spring Valley, CA.  It was a 5-hour event at the local bar, hosting specialty cocktails and live music by The Scavengers.

Ms. Tanya Linda was the Bartender of Honor and she served up specialty drinks with flair!  For every drink sold, $1 would be donated to the fundraiser.  The Sisters also placed out donation buckets along the bar – available for anyone to drop a dollar or two into.  The specialty drinks were: The Moist Vagina (a shot), Heavy Flow (a bloody mary), and Yeast Induction (a beer with a shot).

But, after speaking with Sister Donatella Soul, I learned her two favorite highlights of the evening:

  1.  Two young women came into the bar.  Donatella’s beau, Richard, was talking to them and learned one of them suffered from Endometriosis.  That she had never been to any type of Endo event and her best friend saw the event and encouraged her to come…so they did!  Richard introduced them to Donatella, and the three gals talked long after the event had ended.  Such a supportive group!  And just getting one more EndoSister to realize she’s got that support was what the night truly was all about.
  1. Three men sat down at the bar, clueless as to what they had walked into.  They were told about Endometriosis, what it does, and the efforts of the fundraiser…as well as the three specialty drinks.  And these three gentlemen pitched right in!  They ordered 4-5 rounds of Moist Vaginas, enjoyed the music, and the good company.  Thanks guys!

The Scavengers played music from 2pm-4pm, rocking the afternoon away and the Sisters and attendees danced and danced and danced.  Good times had by all!

All in all, they raised $111 for the Endometriosis Foundation of America!  The check was mailed off to the EFA a few days later!  Thank you, Sisters, for helping raise awareness of Endometriosis, educate some folks about our disease, and bring the community together in such a wonderful and fun way!

Looking forward to future events!  Keep ’em coming.  And thank you so much for putting this on!!!



All photographs by Richard T. Reyes and used with permission

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