Feel Good Fridays!

yellow birthday cake decorated with candles and white daisies

Friday already??  This is  an exciting Friday for me because my 37th birthday is just around the corner!  Come Sunday, May 1st, I’ll be one year older!

Normally, I don’t care to celebrate birthdays.  It’s not that I don’t like them, but they’re just another day for me.  I love getting older and wouldn’t go back in time for the world!  And I think I’m just so excited about this one because I’ve looked back on the past year and love all that has happened.  Looking forward to what Year Thirty-Seven brings!

So today’s quote is inspired by the birthday!  Author, Ned Vizzini, once wrote,

“Deep down I believe my year was a special year : it produced me.”

Is this a quote just about MY birthday? No.  I wanted to share it with you so you could each embrace it – YOU are special.  And your year…your vintage…created one hellava great person.  So when you have your next birthday, think highly of yourself.  Celebrate!

Aaaaand…have a GREAT weekend!

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