Feel Good Fridays

Blue background with text that reads Let's Talk!


Today’s quote was inspired by what happened to me this morning…Catherine Gilbert Murdock once wrote,

“When you don’t talk, there’s a lot of stuff that ends up not getting said.”

This morning I was having my blood drawn for lab work.  The nurse and I were talking about…I don’t remember what…oh, I had told her I recently had a CT scan and she asked what for.  When I said, “Endometriosis,” she perked right up and started asking all kinds of questions, “Do you still have it?  Where you able to get pregnant?  Are you still in pain?”  It turned out that about 30 years ago, she learned she had Endometriosis while living in the Phillipines, suffered the usual terrible symptoms, missed days off of school, etc.   Her physician put her on a medication, which relieved her symptoms and took away her migraines.  AND she also immediately was able to become pregnant.  She’s one of the lucky ones whose symptoms subsided after having children.

But, if she and I hadn’t talked, I never would have learned about a different medication (which I’ll be researching), we never would have bonded over our common illness, and never would have shared stories.

It was awesome.

Never be afraid to talk about it (whatever it may be). Ever.  Think of all the opportunities you’ll be missing out on if you don’t.

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