Questions for my Surgeon

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I have my second excision surgery scheduled for September 21, 2016!  I’ve put together my list of pre- and post-op questions to ask my doctor.  Do you have anything you think I should add?  Or even delete?  Thanks!! ~Lisa

Pre-Op (Appointment 9/13/16)

Please remember I need a latex-free operating room

Anything you can do to lessen the gas pain that occurs in my right shoulder? Tilt my head? Warm gas?  Expel more gas before closing me up? What are the complications of any of these methods?

What to expect after cystoscopy?  Any possibility I’ll stay overnight?  I’ve read that a sensation of burning pee is a temporary side effect; anything else?

Would you take my uterus and ovaries, if needed?  If so, please don’t use a morcellator.

Will there be pictures and/or video of the procedure? What about of the exterior of surgery: the table or outer-abdomen ports?  I’m so curious!

What’s the worst case scenario?

How long do you expect the surgery to last?  Any way someone can update my Mom and Jim as they wait in the lobby once surgery begins?  Last time they expected surgery to last 1.5 hours and it lasted 4; nobody updated them on status and it was stressful and worrisome for them.

I know you found Endo on my diaphragm from our first surgery.  Is there any way to verify through this upcoming surgery that you’ve removed it all?  Or is that a thoracoscopy?  Thoughts about my liver Endo?

Can you also examine the outside of my bowels?  I’ve read that if you have Endo in your Pouch of Douglas you’re very likely to have it on your bowels.

Any other prescriptions post-op besides Naproxen Sodium?  If so, can we fill them early?

Anything I can do to make your job easier on the Big Day?

After surgery, shall we restart taking continuous birth control?

Last surgery, I couldn’t lift my right leg to get into the shower for a few days.  Is that normal?

Any “best” way to sleep while recovering?  Last time propped up on some pillows seemed to be the least painful.

Post-Op (Appointment pending)

How long until we can have sex?  Swim?  Go to gym?  Return to work?

Anything you or I can do to prevent adhesions?  Do you have any thoughts on serrapeptese  or resveratrol?  A lot of Endo gals take them and swear it eats and prevents their adhesions from growing.

What happens if you found nothing?  Referral to PCP for more referrals?

What do you find people do to try to feel better that is actually making their pain worse?

4 thoughts on “Questions for my Surgeon

  1. Do you know how they’re going to remove your endo and cysts? I forget the medical phrasing, but I believe different surgeons use varying methods to excise endo: Something along the lines of burning vs. resectioning vs. complete removal of adhesions, etc.

    Also, some cysts are simply too large to be removed through the laparoscope. In that case, will they drain them, they remove with a laparoscope and “mop up” the spillage? Or will they not risk drainage and instead remove via a laparotomy, which therefore means a larger incision? Again, these terminologies could be wrong, but I think you know what I mean.

    If for any reason you must be cut open via a laparotomy, insist—and I mean INSIST—on spending a night or two in the hospital. You’ll thank yourself later.

    As far as organ removal, PLEASE use EXTREME caution in this department! From my own surgical experiences, which were not pleasant to awaken to such a surprise, I find it best to NOT allow any organs to be removed during an investigative lap. Better the surgeon sew you back up, wait until your anesthesia brain has worn off, then discuss his findings of your ovaries and uterus and why he thinks they should be removed. Then, once you’ve decided if you’re okay with removal, have a second, separate operation for organ removal. Losing reproductive organs is no small thing, nor a cure for endo. Premature menopause from full or partial hysterectomies comes with a whole host of unpleasant long-lasting future side effects that you must weigh whether you want to combat them.

    Okay. Phew. I rest my case.

    p.s. I’m stealing some of your questions for my own upcoming surgical consult hehe! 🙂

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    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for the feedback! I do know that Dr. Kurtulus cuts out the entire lesion, rather than scraping or burning. So we’re good in that department!

      I’ll most certainly ask about the cysts! Fantastic, thank you! Added it to my list!

      And, yes, if I need a laparotomy, you can bet your shiny bum I’m demanding to stay over a day or two. ❤

      On the fence about organ removal. We've talked about it before, the repercussions, consequences, benefits. And he knows that I know it's not a cure. But, it would relieve period cramps, which are a big part of this mess. BUT I'd only allow him to remove them if he thought it presented some form of medical emergency. He may very well have to remove an ovary or two this time around if their damaged from adhesions or Endo. And I'm 37 (my partner is 47) – we've agreed not to try to have children at our age. And I'm on the cusp (well, sooner rather than later) of menopause. So it's something we've thought about and talked about. But if he doesn't feel it needs to be removed, I know he'll leave it. He's a conservative kind of guy. And, like you, he'd probably insist on waiting 'til I woke up and schedule a subsequent surgery. 😉 Will definitely be adding "the long talk" to the list, too.

      Thank you, Marixsa. I value your input and friendship! 🙂 Good luck at your upcoming consult, too!


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