2016 Bloomin’ Uterus In Review

map of the world

Happy New Year!

As always, it’s fun for me to look back and see the numbers of previous year, see what the most popular topic was, and which countries have been viewing the blog the most, and what searches led people to Bloomin’ Uterus.  If you’re interested, here’s a recap!

In 2016, we had 100,944 views!  Compare that to 2015 (29,334 views) and 2014 (1,1012 views).  That’s absolutely mind-boggling to me!

Keep it up! The more awareness we spread, the more community we create, the more we learn, and the more we fight for self-advocacy: the better! We are a strong community of Warriors and Sisters.  Thank you!!

The Top 5 viewed entries were:

1. Endometriosis & The Lungs with 12,316 views

2. What is Endo? with 11,187 views

3. Our main site, bloominuterus.com, with 9,101 views

4. Endometriosis & The Brain with 4,256 views

5. Endometriosis & Leg Pain/Sciatica with 3,341 views

The Top 5 countries with the most views were:

us.jpg United States with 56,651 views

uk United Kingdom with 12,805 views

canada Canada with 5,204 views

australia Australia with 4,524 views

guyana Guyana with 2,336 views

I’m hoping to continue to reach all throughout the world and continue to help search for resources, support groups, and surgeons in all areas. This truly is a global problem.  Feel left out ’cause I didn’t mention your country? Oh trust me, there’s plenty of them! Find yourself on this map:

And the Top 5 searches which led people to the site:

1. “the skin” had 23 searches

2. “what is endo” had 15 searches

3. “symptoms of endometriosis in brain” had 13 searches

4. “endometriosis in the lungs” and “endometriosis in brain” tied with 12 searches

5. “wurn technique” and “endometriosis in lungs” tied with 11 searches

Thank you for your visits, your comments, your stories, your emails, your words of wisdom, and your support.  We are definitely not alone in all of this.  And if there’s ever a topic or question you’d like to address, please reach out to me.  You can email me.

On with 2017!

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