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One of our readers, Harley, emailed me a question and I thought I’d put it out there for you to help:

“Can you post and ask questions for Life after Lupron? Specifically weight gain? I’ve read the whole thread on life after lupron but still haven’t quite found a lot of information. My last shot was May 8th so I’m slowly waiting for Lupron to get out of my system. I’ve been on lupron for 8 months now and I’ve gained 30 lbs. I’m so exhausted all the time that I don’t have the energy to work out at all-I usually go home and go right to sleep after working my full time job. I’m wondering if it will be possible to lose this weight, if my body will ever go back to normal, or if this is all my new normal now. I’m really open for anything to get this weight off-I’m miserable.”

If you’ve been on Lupron Depot, please let Harley know your own experience with how long it took for the side effects to dissipate and if you ever truly felt normal afterward. Shoot her an email with your experiences.


2 thoughts on “A Question for You

  1. Do not use it. I was told no weight gain because it will only be a total of 6 months and the drug leaves your body after 3 months. So 2 shots for 6 months.

    First 3 months where fine
    2nd shot I gained 40 pounds. My hair became curly, that I liked. I got my shots in 2011. My weight kept climbing up not matter what I did.
    Went from 170 to total as of 2 months ago 230.

    Now 2017 about 4 months ago I noticed my hair was getting straight again 😦
    But these past 2 months I lost 20 pounds.

    And I feel the Endometriosis pain again. Not super bad yet but I will never do those shots again. It was a nightmare and in the end it does not cure anything. Just gives different problems.

    I hope this helps
    Seek other options or get new doctor who has more options.

    Good Luck

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  2. This helps a lot! Thank you! Lupron has definitely been one of the worst medications ever. I will never be on it again and I will always tell others to not get on it as well!

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