Question from our Reader, Candace

Candace needs your help, feedback, and advice!  She writes:

Hello, I have been an “endo” sufferer for MANY years….many, many, MANY surgeries and a hysterectomy with surgeries to follow! I don’t ever pretend to be an expert on the topic and this question certainly has thrown me for a loop….I’m hoping one of you can help!

I have had a “mystery illness” since February. Extreme fatigue, hoarseness, and right side facial pain, numbness. I have had a slew of tests all of which come back “ok”. Just this past weekend, I started with my “typical” “endo” pain. I am just wondering if this all could be related to “endo.” Anyone else ever experience facial issues related to endo?

I am looking forward to any and all responses. I have been debating on calling my specialist…. Thank You in Advance!

If you comment below, I’ll pass it on to Candace. ❤

3 thoughts on “Question from our Reader, Candace

  1. Hello, This sounds sort of familiar – certainly the fatigue and hoarseness, and tests coming back saying all’s well, when clearly it isn’t. My face is affected slightly differently – one side, usually the right, starts to droop. My brow in particular can droop quite badly. It looks very much like I’m having a stroke. I had a hysterectomy December 2016 due to adenomyosis, and endo excision at the same time. I continue to have cyclical ‘period pain’, minus the periods obviously, but I did retain my ovaries so I knew this was a risk. I’ve been reading up on the illnesses which co-occur with endometriosis and I do also have chronic fatigue syndrome, which often seems to go hand in hand. Doctors tend to blame everything on the ME/CFS but I’ve had that since pre-puberty and I just know something else is going on.
    I’m sorry I don’t have answers – suggested explanations from various doctors have included Lupus and Myasthenia Gravis but I haven’t had tests for either of these conditions – but I wanted to let you know you aren’t alone.
    Best wishes, Alison

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  2. Hi Candace,
    I too have had endo for close to 35+yrs. All the experimental drugs, prescriptions , surgeries etc. I feel a lot of my problems stem from Lupron. Symptomology indicates cluster headaches…which mimic a stroke. You can have these symptoms without a “headache”. Just keep asking questions and seek answers. Good Luck!


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