Cataracts? …

So in 2015 I was told I had developed a cataract, and my doctor thought it may have been due to my BC or Lupron Depot. In 2016, I went for another check-up, the cataract had grown a little bit, but it wasn’t bad enough for surgery. Yesterday, my doctor confirmed that my cataract has doubled in size (thus causing the blurry and double-vision I’ve been experiencing) and referred me to an ophthalmologist to discuss cataract surgery. Again, he stated that he believed it was due to my Lupron Depot. In 2015, I did research on Lupron and cataracts. Did you know it may increase your chances of developing a cataract? Perhaps it simply developed as a fact of life…but t the timing of it all (just a few months after my last Lupron Depot injection) makes me think otherwise…

Bloomin' Uterus

CataractSo today I had my two-year eye exam.  You know: you go in ever two years to have your eyes checked and your eyeglass prescription updated.

About 8 years ago I learned that I have a benign cataract in my left eye, located just to the outside of my pupil.  My doctor back then told me it’s benign, it doesn’t grow, it just sits there a casts a shadow.  However, it’s not visible to me, and it will never affect my eye sight.  She surmised I was born with it : it may be due to my premature birth (I was 3 1/2 months early) and have likely had it my entire life.  Every two years since, I’d been told by the next doctor that I had a benign cataract on my left eye, and that it was just sitting there, doing nothing.

Two years ago, I went in for…

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