Feel Good Fridays!


Another week has passed us by and now we’re in November! NOV-EM-BER!!


I hope you had a good one.  Okay, so here’s today’s Feel Good Friday quote:

“Once you start celebrating the little victories in life, you will realize just how infinite they truly are.” 
― Alicia EmamdeeAloha Self-Esteem?

Rolling your eyes at the little quote because nothing in life has been a victory for you?  Or this week was incredibly crummy?  Change your perspective…think of the little things you were able to do:  get out of bed, eat breakfast, go to work.  Couldn’t do any of those things?  Change it even further:  opened your eyes, took a breath, enjoyed stretching out… find something to celebrate; no matter how small.

And tell me about them!  Leave me a comment, or two, or three! Share with me what’s in your life worth celebrating!!!  And hold onto those moments!

❤ Lisa


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