Period Woes…and some laughs


Laugh with me!!

So, I started my period last Friday.  It wasn’t any big surprise; I knew it was coming…BUT I failed to take inventory of my pads…um…uh…poor decision.

So, Friday was my heavy, heavy flow day.  I used up several of my Supers (all of them, actually).  I thought I had Regular pads left…nope.  Come Saturday, I was in need of some protection!  But couldn’t really leave the house yet…

I found some “Super” pads from our local  Dollar Store hiding in our guest bathroom and didn’t have a choice.  Did it overflow? Nope.  Well then, what’s the problem?

The first time I pulled my panties down to pee after applying the pad, there was a … malfunction…

You know how you tear off the pad backing and smash it onto your panties? Then it’s stuck in place for the day?  Well, when I pulled my undies down the pad stuck to my feminine bits…but the backing tore off and remained glued to my panties.  So there I stood: the sticky-pad backing clinging to my chonies and the actual pad itself period-glued to my bits.

I just kind of stood there, laughing.

I guess you get what you paid for…

Have you had any crazy pad or tampon malfunctions? Oh, do share in the comments below!




7 thoughts on “Period Woes…and some laughs

  1. I have actually had that very same problem but with the “name brand” pads. Because i was in a hurry to put it on (was using the ones with the wings) I didn’t attach it properly and apparently when i pulled up my undies the pad came unstuck from the undies and ultimately wound up stuck to me 😜😜
    On the other end, i have forgotten to put pads in my purse and my period would hit and I would have nothing so had to resort to using 9a lot of toilet paper folded up.

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  2. Oy, I am THE WORST about being prepared for my period! I use those special unbleached, un-plastic, un-toxin-y pads and tampons, but I can never find them in the store and have to order online. At the end of a period I’m constantly forgetting to order more for next month. So I often resort to any emergency pad I can find—TP or paper towels while awaiting Amazon to deliver me a fresh supply the good stuff.

    I also have a terrible habit of keeping (unused) pantiliners near the top of my purse, so when I go to grab my wallet out of my purse, pantiliners usually fall out. It used to be embarrassing; now I hardly even care!

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  3. Sooooo many of these kinds of stories. I wish I’d seen this when you posted it. I used to have to make a giant mountain of pads under the tampons… Anyway, I would *try* to just change the top during the day & leave the support pads under- but then my brand changed the adhesive… & all of the sudden, pulling it resulted in pad guts everywhere. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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