A Statement from Alicia Landis


Alicia is a friend of mine, an EndoSister, and a reader of my little blog.  Today she shared something with me that I would like to share with you:

Did you know that 1 in 10 women get Endometriosis and not know it? Endometriosis is a non-curable disease that can spread throughout the body and it is not testable. No matter what type of technology doctors use except laparoscopic surgery can be detected to find an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Yes we all know that Endo is on the uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes but I also learned that it can spread throughout the body and can be dormant in other places in the body. Not every case is the same, but we should all understand that we are doing our very best to spread awareness and let people know that approximately 176 million women around the world are affected by this disease. So if you know someone who thinks they might have Endometriosis that needs to be checked out, then they should do so right away. Studies show that it also takes up to 10 years to find an accurate diagnosis. I myself did a hysterectomy thinking it was a cure but it really isn’t. That’s why in the month of March, we wear yellow to celebrate Endometriosis Awareness Month, because not only are we warriors but champions, and together we can defeat this disease and together we can make a difference. Thank you.

Alicia, thank you for spreading awareness in all of the ways that you do and for allowing me to share it here. May others share it as well!  Wishing you a beautiful and healthy 2018.

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