The Blogger Recognition Award


*squee* I love these things. 🙂

A fellow EndoSister and Blogger The Dissociated Press nominated me for this wonderful opportunity to tell you how the Bloomin’ Uterus blog began.

As you know, I have Endometriosis.  I was diagnosed back in June of 2014 with this illness I knew nothing about and could hardly pronounce.  My nurse helped me better understand Endometriosis by describing it as sort of a crabgrass that you cut and it can grow back again and again.

I felt disgusting on the inside.  Hideous.  Infiltrated by some alien.

So, I created the Bloomin’ Uterus and a little mantra to remind myself that I was none of those things:


Then I delved into researching more about the illness.  Why had I not heard of this disease that affects one in 10 women?  What could be done? What caused it?  I obsessed.  And I needed somewhere to write down all of my findings.

I’ve never blogged before in my life.  But I grew up writing in my diaries. So, this was my online diary.  My thoughts and fears and pure opinion.  But that soon progressed into something bigger.

Rather than simply writing about my issues, I wanted to help spread the word about Endometriosis.  I wanted to connect with other women who had it. I wanted THEM to share their stories! AND I wanted to be able to share the books I’d collected and the things I’d learned.  So the blog morphed from an online diary into what it is today.

A place where people can ask me a question, I research the answers, and post my interpretation of what I’ve read.  Am I always right? No.  But that’s the beautiful part about having an illness that has no true black and white answers.

I’ve connected with so many incredible women.  And I’ve learned to embrace my illness; all of it.  Without it, I would never have become the strong woman that I am today.  And I will never stop…

I would like to nominate these fellow bloggers who I find incredibly inspiring in their own ways!   Tell us why you started YOUR blog!!

The Endo The World – Claire ❤ xoxoxo ❤

The Endo Zone – one of my all time favs, Marixsa

Yellow Endo Flower – a wonderful blog started by a woman in Kenya wanting to raise awareness and build a community of Warriors there.

5 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Eek, you just made my day! I’ve no idea what this award is, but thanks for the nod!

    You too are one of my all-time faves (in a completely creepy, stalker-ish, obsessive kind of way). ❤


  2. Aww! Yay! Thank you! I just visited your blog to share it with women here as a wonderful endo resource, then I find this. Thank you! I’ll share and tag you.
    Your blog is a fountain of knowledge and hope! Keep writing Lisa.
    Xx Ess

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