Feel Good Fridays

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Well, it’s Friday!!!

And today, I had a wonderful experience while waiting at the bagel shop for my bagel and hot cocoa.  I’m standing along the counter where people mill around and wait for the breakfast. Heart of Glass starts playing on the radio and the adorable old man standing next to me begins to wiggle his hips.  I also can’t help but tap my foot and wiggle.  So, we wiggle together.  He and I…two strangers…turned and danced together to Blondie.  Without a care in the world.  I have no idea if others were watching because the world melted away.  It was just our big smiles, eye contact, and laughter.  It was…epic.

And when the song ended, we chatted for a few minutes.  The state of the world, the fact that he works at a hotel downtown and enjoys people watching, and the joy of a good connection.  And as they called his name announcing his grub was ready, he gently reached out, touched my shoulder, smiled, and said, “Have a blessed day.”  And he walked away.  But his lingering touch, his amazing smile, and our dance will stay with me throughout today.

These types of spontaneous and warm connections are truly a treasure.  His name was Gary.  And he was wonderful.

Which inspires today’s quote:

“The magic moment in life is when your soul just connects with another soul.” 
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Don’t be afraid to meet a stranger.  Get out there, have a conversation, say hello, cast a smile, genuinely ask how they’re doing.  Make their day, as much as Gary has made mine.

And have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Lisa

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