ABC 10 News Interviewed Local EndoWarriors About Lupron Depot

Stillframe from ABC10 story about San Diego Endosisters who speak about about Lupron Depot

Jennifer Kastner of ABC 10 News San Diego reached out to Bloomin’ Uterus to see if we had any of our local Endo Warriors that had treated with Lupron Depot. Several of us had and jumped at the chance to share our experiences on the drug.

Five EndoSisters, Jennifer, and her cameraman Adam met for a two-hour interview one afternoon early this year. It was an incredible experience. We each had the opportunity to share our Endometriosis stories and our experiences on Lupron Depot.

One Sister has chosen not to take Lupron and talked about her battle with physicians to respect that decision.

The 2-hour Q&A session was paired down to a 5-minute investigative report. Jennifer did a wonderful job of fitting in a bit of our stories, as well as covering the side effects of Lupron, and the havoc it can cause.

If you’d like to watch the interview and read the more in-depth written report, please check out ABC 10 News’ page.

I’m grateful to Jennifer and Adam for reaching out to us and dedicating their afternoon to our interviews and for their weeks of investigative research. And I’m so proud of, and equally grateful to, our EndoWarriors who were able to join me that day: Melinda, Amanda, Brooklyn, and Linda – I love you. And am so pleased that you’re a part of my life.

Thank you for all that you do. Together we can achieve great things!

5 thoughts on “ABC 10 News Interviewed Local EndoWarriors About Lupron Depot

  1. Fascinating (also cool to see you in video, but who are we kidding? I watch you aaaall the time when you’re not aware hehe!).

    Seriously, I’ve NEVER encountered a doctor among the many, many docs I’ve visited who didn’t push Lupron for endo “management.” And of course, they always fail to mention how horrific Lupron can actually be. Like your one friend, I’ve been refusing Lupron for many years and docs always seem a bit bent by that. So that means my options are: (a) suffer with pain, (b) have a hysterectomy, or (c) take Lupron? Nice choices I (we) have.

    Also, I’m always wary of anything pushed by Abbvie.

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    1. “who are we kidding? I watch you aaaall the time when youโ€™re not aware hehe!” – I nearly spat out my hot cocoa…all over the screen! Nearly. So, we’re still friends ’cause I didn’t spill a drop of that sweet nectar…


      I was SOOO glad when the reporter agreed to interview Brooke and her battle of NOT taking Lupron. It was such an important point we wanted to express because SO MANY WOMEN (yourself included) know that fight. And I’m proud of you for sticking to your guns!!!

      Awww Abbvie. Doing their best of what they THINK we EndoSufferers need. Meh…think again.

      Endless smooshes to you, woman. And thank you!

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  2. Hi lisa.

    My gynae mentioned to me a monthly injection that deactivates my ovaries as management of my symptoms until i get in for hysterectomy and removal of bowel endo with colorectal surgeon. Would he have been offering me lupron? Its the first I had heard of anything like it. Here in Australia they love pushing the mirena iud which sounds like it’s a damn sight better than lupron and may have slowed down the progression of my endo slightly.

    My dad passed away from prostate cancer but beforehand he was receiving hormone injections which he decided to discontinue because ‘they turned him into a menopausal woman’. Probably lupron or similar.

    I commented a novel (lol) on your 4th endo excision post. Can you check if it came through? Otherwise I’ll see if I can get it back and repost it.

    Thanks for everything. Your site has answered alot of questions for me – one’s that I wonder but don’t have anyone to ask ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It may have very well been Lupron that your doctor was talking about. Maybe not, though? I can assume all I want, but you know what that does…my luck: I’d be wrong ๐Ÿ˜€ Know that did a whole bunch of didley squat for my Endo progression and I was having severe pain and symptoms within a year of getting off of it. I was on a continuous birth control, too, and still my Endo came back and led to Surgery#2. Since then, my gyno stops prescribing Lupron. It doesn’t stop it from returning at all…but may (MAY) help with symptoms.

      Sorry to hear about your pop ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But you gave me a bit of a chuckle with his statement. ๐Ÿ˜€ He was totally on it. Did his boobs grow? Mine did. And a friend of mine who was on Lupron for prostate cancer also grew a bit of bigger moobs. โค

      You can always ask me anything, Missy.

      I may not know the answer, but I'd enjoy the company ๐Ÿ˜€



      1. Haha my dad did grow moobs, lost a lot of muscle and was really tearful all the time from the injections. He said he didn’t feel like a man so he stopped the injections. I had forgotten about that until I saw your article and looked up lupron.

        I actually have my surgery report now and pics but the surgery report is very brief and the pics do not say what they are of! Also I’m quite sure my surgery report has the left and right wrong! as in, what it says is on the left side of my body is actually on the right but I’ll need to access my ultrasound from before the surgery to confirm that. Needless to say, my last surgeon was not the best lol.

        Anyway going to a better surgeon for the next one which will be the big one with colorectal surgeon separating sigmoid colon from uterus and removing the endo on the bowel and gynecological surgeon doing a endo clean up too and a hysterectomy. Fingers crossed its soon ๐Ÿ™‚


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