Endo on the Airwaves!

KPBS building, Dr. Sally Rafie and I on the radio, and a group photo

Yesterday a co-host of a local radio show shot me an email – they’d got wind of our upcoming EndoWhat? screening and wanted to throw a few of us on the air to talk about Endometriosis!

Dr. Sally Rafie of the Pharmacists Clinic and myself were interviewed this morning. A HUGE thank you to my work for allowing me to take the time off and be able to make the last minute interview! Fellow EndoWarrior and dear friend, Sister Donatella Soul, of the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence also came, but unfortunately they couldn’t accommodate a third participant in the interview. But she was there for HUGE moral support.

KPBS building

Jane Hindmon, the co-host of KPBS Midday Edition conducted a beautiful interview. Dr. Rafie answered the medical questions about the illness and I addressed the symptoms and journeys many of us face. We also had an opportunity to discuss our screening and walk on March 30th.

Dr. Sally Rafie and myself at the microphones

It was over and done with in about 15 minutes and was an incredible experience! I was nervous, and it likely shows. And I realize in the photographs afterward just how wrinkly my chosen shirt was. Wait, it’s a linen-type fabric. Isn’t it supposed to be wrinkly? And why was I so nervous to be on the radio? I’m on ham radio often enough and NEVER nervous with that. Ramble…oh, dear brain, shut-up. We all did wonderfully!

Ha! But, I am SO grateful to Ms. Hindmon and KPBS for the opportunity. It was a blast being in a radio studio, in front of the big intimidating mics, wearing the earphones, and just talking about an incredibly important topic to so many.

Dr. Sally Rafie, Sister Donatella Soul, Ms. Hindmon, and myself after recording

If you’d like to listen to the live broadcast, it will be today at noon Pacific Standard Time. Or you can catch the broadcast later on their webpage.

Again, so incredibly grateful!

One thought on “Endo on the Airwaves!

  1. Love that you got such an awesome opportunity—congrats! And until you mentioned it, I thought the shirt was wrinkly like that on purpose or designed that way. You look great! 🎗🎧📻

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