Pain Journal: March 2019

Summary of my March pain journal

March is done and over with. And man was it stressful! I can’t see myself EVER fitting in two big Endo events in March…too much planning, not enough energy! 🙂 But it was MARVELOUS!

AND to make March even better? It was 99.9% pain-free! My period even snuck up on me (again!) – no cramps, no pain. Just suddenly…I’m bleeding! And it remained pain-free during it’s 6-day duration. I did, however, have that sudden and severe butthole ache many of us may be familiar with. Out of nowhere and gone in a few minutes – but it was enough to take my breath away and make me stop typing.

I had a bad episode of food poisoning, which led to a sick day from work and a bit of painful sex (before the food poisoning symptoms started). And later in March learned my lesson the hard way that I can’t drink dark beers. It was quite a poopy month. And I did take two Ibuprofen on March 30th after our Endometriosis Awareness Walk – I was just sore and stiff, but not Endo-related pain.

If you’d like to track my daily symptom and food journal, feel free to scroll through each day:

And if you’re intrigued by my bowel movements, here they are! I’m super-duper-pooper excited to share that there were ZERO painful bowel movements. Just a LOT of diarrhea – oh food poisoning and dark beer…kept my March interesting to say the least. It taught me the VALUE of tracking my food and drink: I can go back and scroll through the day prior (or even the morning of) to see what may have triggered my liquid-poo).

I’m still so very pleased with my progress since November’s excision surgery and bowel resection. And am truly hoping this lasts. Forever. We shall see!

April begins NOW!

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