Pain Journal: June 2019

I cannot believe that June is already behind us. It was a pretty laid-back month for my Endo. I skipped my period again, but I’m not too worried about that.

I still haven’t learned my lesson about eating too much. And when I do, I still get discomfort near my staples in my guts. I also experimented with having two or more boozy beverages; nope, not good. My body still doesn’t like that. Now, though, instead of intense staple pain my guts just freak out: I either poop uncontrollably or don’t poop at all for a day or two…which causes a discomfort all in its own. And I also experienced some left-abdominal discomfort and/or pain, but it was rare, minimal, and only at times right before I had to poop (and no every time I had to poop, either). And I mostly poo’d between one to five times a day, with a few days of no-poo…but those no-poo days were usually triggered by poor diet and beverage choices.

I did have one instance of “what the heck is that” pain near my lower left abdomen when I was bending over and cleanin’ the cat litter. It was fast and sharp and I figured it was either adhesions or that li’l cyst on my left ovary. Again, I’m not to worried about it.

Although I skipped my period, I did have a few days (around where I should have been bleeding) where I was super emotional and had baby-twinges of cramps. So I think my body was trying really hard to have a period. I spotted a few times during those days, but I’ve picked boogers that made more blood than my uterus did those days. So, seriously, counting June as a skipped period month.

And my favorite part of reviewing my pain tracker? No need for any NSAIDs or pain meds! No Ibuprofen, no Tylenol, no Naproxen Sodium, no Percocet, and no Tramadol! I cannot stress the importance of excision surgery by an experience Endo surgeon, as well as getting in tune with your body and seeing what else it may need: diet changes, meditation, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, yoga, pelvic floor therapy; whatever helps you!

Here’s my June pain journal and poopy charts!

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