Feel Good Fridays

Ocean waves crashing on rocky shore under white clouds


So yesterday I cam home to a great big letter from my insurance company stating they’ve denied my physician’s request to perform hypogastric plexus nerve block injections for my pelvic pain. He’s had numerous Endometriosis patients have great results with this procedure and their pain.

Why did my insurance deny it? It wasn’t considered a medical necessity. And the only medical necessary reason they approve this procedure? Patients who are suffering from pain due to cancer. We have 180 days to appeal the decision.

I read the letter. My heart sunk a bit. But then it flip-flopped. I took a deep breath and had a talk with my husband:

  1. Did I really truly want these? I still don’t know the answer to that question;
  2. I have a meeting with my gyno/excision surgeon, Dr. Kurtulus, on February 4th to discuss my symptoms, pain, and desire for a peek under the hood, any needed excision, and a hysterectomy (suspected Adenomyosis)
  3. Will this denial letter bolster that decision-making process?

So I wrote a letter to my pain management doctor today to inform him of the insurance’s denial and the lack of CONSTANT pain. Maybe it’s not a horrible thing? I did ask if he’d like to appeal or wait until after my February 4th meeting with Dr. K to discuss an appeal. We shall see.

But what did I learn last night? That quick deep breath and analysis took away the strife of receiving a denial letter. Which leads me to today’s quote:

“Free your mind and be in flow of life’s ups and downs. Be accepting of wherever you are on your journey”
― Karon Waddell

Wherever you are, take that deep breath, find some acceptance of it, see if you can sway it at all. If not, accept it. Let it wash over you. And if you need help, I’m right here for you. Always.

Much love,


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