Feel Good Fridays

Friday. Again. Already.

How the days blend together.

Today’s quote is a poem written by Kirstie Sagermark, a member of our San Diego/SoCal Endometriosis Support Group, and she gave me permission to share it with all of you today:

You are allowed to cry.
Today was hard.
You Tried.
You lost your temper.
You had fun.
You were frustrated.
You cringed.
You did it anyway.
You had responsibilities.
You prayed.
You provided.
You loved.
You worked.
You pulled through.
You were exhausted.
You did it anyway.
You need time.
You want peace.
You feel sad.
You are strong.
You want answers.
You need understanding.
You Tried.
Today was hard.
You are allowed to cry.

You tried.

Today was hard.

You are allowed to cry.

I love this. All of it.

Today I spent two hours updating my pain journal with all of the entries from late March. And I did…I cried. Just seeing how bad many of those days have been made me so grateful that I have a surgery coming up. And speaking of surgery, it’s been moved back up to May 13th!!

Let’s do this!

And it truly is okay to cry. If you ever need someone to talk to while you weep, I’m right here.

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