Feel Good Fridays

Another week has come and gone! This week was extra special for me because I had my fifth Endo excision surgery on Wednesday!

Recovery is going well, and I even met with my surgeon yesterday to change a bloodied dressing, so I was able to learn what he discovered.

I’ll save all of those details for another blog entry, once I receive the pathology report.

Several days before my surgery, I found beautiful bracelets on Etsy, sold by a fellow EndoWarrior LifeWithKimberli. And I HAD to have one. It arrived the day after my surgery and hasn’t left my wrist.

“Nevertheless, she kept on fighting”

May it serve as a reminder to you today with whatever you may be struggling with: don’t give up. Forge ahead. Do what you can. Survive. You CAN make it through this. You’re not alone.

I mean it: you’re not alone. If you ever need to talk, please contact me.

If you’d like to order your own bracelet, go for it! https://www.etsy.com/listing/665866138/nevertheless-she-kept-on-fighting

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