Feel Good Fridays

What a week. I’m exhausted!

My husband and I woke up last Saturday to a flooded kitchen. The water intake valve of our fridge filter malfunctioned and poured out water. While we slept.

So, a little over a week from my surgery, we dropped towels, soaked up water, wrung out towels, and made phone calls.

Movement, bending, pulling. All the things one shouldn’t do while recovering from surgery. But luckily a Naproxen handled the discomfort and pain from the overexertion.

Stress. Unanswered questions. Pending insurance approval. Loads of repairs.

Fatigue. Exhaustion. Overwhelmed.

What a week indeed.

So today’s quote is for anyone who may be going through their own crazy crisis:

“When it comes right down to it, the only way to face a crises that makes any sense at all – is together. And the only direction to face- is up.” ~Phil Callaway

I’m grateful my husband has been here to help during this time.

And family and friends have offered advice and been supportive.

Please find someone to lean on if you need help. Deep breaths.

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