Feel Good Fridays

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Another week has flown by.

I now have four friends who have tested positive for Covid-19.

One has had a hell of a time with it. She’s been to the ER several times, but luckily escaped being ventilated. It’s been 72 days since her positive test, and she was just in the ER again a few days ago with severe respiratory problems. It’s not been an easy experience for her.

Another two had an easier go with it, hardly any discomfort during the 23 days they had it. And they’re now free and clear.

Another friend just received her positive test results this morning. I can’t imagine her fear and questions.

In the beginning of this whole Covid thing, I admit I thought it was just the flu. That mentality didn’t last long at all as I watched the numbers skyrocket beyond the flu, the deaths stack up, and the ages of the infected spread far from “only the elderly” range. I hoped that if my friends and loved ones were infected, that none would succumb to it. I know the fatality rate is extremely low versus the recovery rate, but it’s still there. In San Diego County as of this morning, there have been 10,092 positive cases; 7,162 recoveries; and 331 deaths. Death is still a possibility, regardless of how slim.

I’m glad for the lockdown. Pleased for the mandated mask order in California. I miss working. I miss my friends. I feel like a mooch on EDD and Federal Aid. I miss hugs and touch. And not wondering “when was this table or chair last disinfected” when we go to a restaurant (I still insist on sitting at an outdoor patio well distanced from others).

I understand not everyone shares my view. And that’s okay.

I have several people I hold dear who won’t wear a mask, and that’s their choice. I can do nothing more than ask that they do. Do I love them less? Not at all. It’s their choice.

But me? I have a chronic illness that may (or may not) be caused due to a lesser-than-optimal immune system. As do countless others in our Endometriosis support group. We may be more susceptible to the virus.

I wear my mask for them. For the elderly at the grocery store. For that child over there. For friends and family who have asthma. For anyone who may be more susceptible to the harder effects of Covid due to underlying medical conditions that I may not be aware of.

I wear a mask to help keep others safe. And I wish everyone would do the same to keep me and others safe.

I miss my friends. My family. Human touch. But this is worth it to me.

Through all of this social isolation, we have had each other. Which leads me to today’s quote:

“Social distancing is staying away from people, not from your purpose.” ~Amit Kalantri

Hang in there guys. This, too, shall pass.

Love, Lisa

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