Pain Journal: September 2020

September flew by all too quickly. October is now upon us! And hopefully I’ll find out when my next surgery will be! So much to look forward to.

I was certain I was going to skip my period, but alas it just started very late. LOL. Damn thing. I was due around the week of the 8th, and I thought that I was going to start with the full-gambit of pain I had that week. But…nope. I started 15 days later.

As you can see, I had a lot of left-sided pain this month, which warranted 14 Naproxen and one-and-a-half Tramadol. Blech. If you like stats:
  • 100% of sex was painful. We only had it once in September and it hurt so much I’ve been too terrified to try again. At least my partner is incredibly patient and understanding.
  • 79% of my bowel movements were painful.
  • 80% of the month had pain on the lower left side of my abs
  • 30% of the month had pain on the lower right side of my abs
  • 10% of the month had uterine/mid-ab pain
  • 23% of the month had lower back pain

During my consult with my colo-rectal surgeon earlier this month, he took a peek up the poopchute to make sure my pain wasn’t caused by something else. He found a tiny hemorrhoid (which he has since banded), but just having the butt-speculum (anoscope) and a finger up there caused such an intense flare up on the left side, I had to take half a Tramadol to calm it down.

Here’s my daily slideshow of my pain and diet journal:

Movin’ on to the painful poopchute! It’s frustrating: never knowing if it’s going to feel like the left side of your guts is ripping out as you drop a deuce. Most times it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

I told you nearly 80% of my bowel movements were painful. Here’s that play-by-play! Blue lines indicate painful solid poops and red lines indicate painful diarrhea. If there’s no color, but there’s a date, that was a successful pain-free poo!

Chart of painful bowel movements

And, my favorite, the pie charts o’poo!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted when I get my surgery date for my bowel resection on the left side.

Do you track your symptoms? What system do you use? I’ve fallen in love with Google Slides and Google Sheets for my homemade trackin’.

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