Pain Journal: November 2020

Summary of November 2020 pain

It’s December already?!?! I go back to work in just a few days! And I feel fully recovered from my surgery, with the odd pop of incision pain here and there.

I’m SO excited to share November’s pain journal with you!! SO EXCITED that I even recorded a little video of it!! It’s relatively short, shows the trackers and my mug…lots of me talkin’! This is a first…

And, for those of you who like to see the actual slideshow in its entirety:

Are you ready for THE BEST poopy pain tracker entries yet?!?!?!!!! ZERO bowel movement pain! Zeeerrroooooo!!!!!!!!!! And the majority of my November poos were big ol’ healthy solid poos rather than horribly squishy diarrhea!

November bowel movement tracker showing ZERO pain!
Graph showing 88% of bowel movements were solid in November
Graphs showing 0 bowel movement pain in November

Look at those big ol’ zeroes!

And the November summary: ZERO Endometriosis pain. Zero lower right or left quadrant pain. Zero uterine pain. Zero urination pain. Zero sex pain. Zero bowel movement pain. And very little lower back pain. These incisions will heal and that pain will fade, too.

graph showing all of November pain

We have high hopes that this was my last Endo surgery…

I cannot…CANNOT…express to you how grateful I am to Dr. Mel Kurtulus (my Endometriosis excision surgeon) and Dr. Matthew Schultzel (my colorectal surgeon). And, hopefully in the next week or two, I’ll blog about my surgery!


5 thoughts on “Pain Journal: November 2020

  1. Lisa on video?! 😍😍 Now I literally CAN watch you all the time! 👀

    For realz though girl, such a happy report to hear of little-to-no pain. That is crazy fantastic! I truly hope this time surgery provided lasting relief. Life without Tramadol sounds exotic!

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