Feel Good Fridays

person wearing a black dress holding a mirror in the woods
Photo by Tasha Kamrowski on Pexels.com

Good morning and happy Friday! April is upon us! Already. I hope that you are doing well.

For today’s quote, I rummaged through the Quotationary book my mother gave me. And I found a wee quote that I really enjoyed.

“My body which my dungeon is, And yet my parks and palaces….” ~Robert Louis Stevenson; excerpt from the poem “My body which my dungeon is” from Underwoods, 1887

Our bodies can often be a source of torment and pain. Agony even. But they are also a thing of beauty and grace and splendor. If you’re having a bad pain day, try to remember that there is also beauty within your torture-racked body. Take a moment to breathe and focus. And have a good long cry or a shout.

And know that you are not alone.

If you need me, I’m right here.

Much love to you.


Blogs I updated this week:

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: The journal of Critical Care Medicine published a January 2021 study of a 26-year-old woman who suffered from Endometriosis. She had previously undergone a partial bowel resection for Endometriosis causing a small bowel obstruction and had begun treating with naturopaths. Her treatments included IV infusions of vitamins, as well as ozone gas therapy and hydrogen peroxide enemas. She was instructed by her naturopaths to treat three times daily with 8 ounces of water and 15 drops of 35% hydrogen peroxide. After about 20 or so enemas, she developed severe abdominal pain and wasn’t able to insert the enema without pain and rectal bleeding. She also developed body aches and numbness and was hospitalized. A CT scan found gas in her portal vein system (Dr. Google informs me the portal venous system the GI tract’s capillary system) of her liver…which immediately landed her in a hypocritical chamber for an air embolism. She spent a total of four hours in that chamber, and a repeat CT scan found the embolism had resolved. A sigmoidoscopy was performed and found her colon tissue to be irritated due to the hydrogen peroxide enemas. Although IV ozone treatment can also be a source for air embolisms, the authors guess it was the enemas since symptoms occurred two weeks after her ozone therapy. Some air embolisms can result in fatalities…again. Please, be careful. Talk to your medical doctors. And do your own research.

Orilissa: Abbvie’s New Drug to Manage Endometriosis Symptoms: Dr. Sanjay Agarwal of San Diego co-authored a February 2021 study wherein data from two clinical trials was analyzed to see if there was any difference in pelvic pain and menstrual bleeding for patients on Elagolix. The results point toward patients on Elagolix for three to six months reported less painful periods. Pelvic pain while not on their periods were also reportedly reduced. However, it also states, “Additionally, women in the placebo-treated group also reported a decrease in pain during both bleeding and non-bleeding days. It can be suggested that women would be more likely to report pain if bleeding occurs; therefore, given that women in the placebo group are reporting less pain during bleeding, we can infer that the reduction of pain seen in the elagolix treatment groups compared with the placebo group during bleeding is more remarkable.” In other words, the way I read it, participants reported less painful periods and pelvic pain EVEN ON THE PLACEBO…am I reading that wrong? But the study concludes that there was a greater reduction of pain all-around for patients who received Elagolix. Oh, and this study was paid for by Abbvie (the manufacture of Elagolix) and published in the Journal of Pain Research.

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