Feel Good Fridays

My beautiful mum; photo by Compass Media Productions 2019

Happy Friday! This one goes out to my Mum.

The very moment I had to schedule my first surgery for a suspected dermoid cyst, she was by my side…and was there every step of the way for my first surgery. My suspected dermoid ended up being an Endometrioma and I also received my Stage IV Endo diagnosis that day.

She cried in the hospital when the surgeon showed her my op photos, covered in the sticky darkness that is our illness. Misshapen adhesions winding through my body.

She held me as I screamed from pain recovering from the gas left in my body after surgery.

She fetched me a cool washcloth as I vomited from the post-op pain meds.

She’s dealt with my snappy and angry episodes while I am in pain or whacked out on meds.

And she’s been with me every step of the way since. The good days, the bad days, the great days, the sad days. For nearly the past seven years, along this Journey with me.

And she’s helped at every one of our Endo Awareness Walks.

And she worries about me.

But my favorite? She educates SOOOO many people about Endometriosis! And even has some friends and co-workers who have it, so she’s been there for them, too!

So, today’s is for you, Mum.

“All parents set out with expectations, hopes and dreams for their child. When a child is diagnosed with a health problem, these aspirations are altered. While one parent is hoping to see their child graduate from university, another is praying that they can live pain free”

― Sharon Dempsey, Extreme Parenting: Parenting Your Child with a Chronic Illness

Thank you for being there for me on this bumpy road. And I’m so sorry that you’ve been dragged onto this rollercoaster with me…but am so grateful to have you here, holding my hand, every step of the way.

I love you.

And to all you parents or pseudo-parents out there who support their own chronic illness warriors: Thank you!

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