Pain Journal: April 2021

body pain chart

It’s pain journaltime! (No Youtube video this time…I’ve been waiting to have the time to record one, but May is almost over!!). Sorry about the tardiness.

Let’s see…how was April?

Almost the entirety of April was pain-free, except for the first few days before and during my period. Poopin and sexin’ remained pain-free, too. Yay!

Remember that infected tooth? Well, I had it pulled on April 12th. Of the 20 Ibuprofen I took in April, 18 (yes, eighteen) of them were purely related to that tooth extraction…which means only two were for my period pain. I also took 6 Hydrocodone (also, purely related to the tooth extraction), and one Naproxen Sodium and one-half a Tramadol (these one was for my period).

Aw, my period. The only area on my body where I had pain was that same lower-left side of my abs, right about the corner of my mons. I also had lower back pain, sometimes it was mirrored, but mostly not. That lower left sided pain began a few days before my period actually started (again, the new pattern) and the period pain ONLY lasted the first two days. But always in that lower left section, and it ranged between a 1-6 on a scale of 10.

I’m curious about the lower left thing. February and March periods both only had pain there. No uterine cramping. Just that lower left side. Bizarro. I have a pap next week and he’ll order an ultrasound, so maybe imaging will reveal something.

If you’d like to watch the whole slideshow:

On to the poo-discussion!

April wasn’t that bad!

I did the deed a whopping 53 times. Of those, 32% was diarrhea and the rest were lovely solid stools. That means 68% were solid! And 100% were pain-free!! Why do I get so excited over this? Because prior to my last bowel resection, not only was poopin’ painful but it was mostly diarrhea.

On average now, I’m Going #2 like two to three times a day! I love it. I’m a well-greased poopin’ machine! Until something like Hydrocodone plugs me up. Haa.

pie-chart of different poop. 68% solid & 32% diarrhea

On an even grosser note (how is that possible?), I’m still tracking my anal leakage. I go see the gastroenterologist on May 24th. I recently had one internal hemorrhoid banded and two external hemorrhoidal tags removed (OMFG that hurts!). My colo-rectal surgeon also discovered two new internal hemorrhoids, and those will be removed in June and July, respectively. We’re hoping that the removal of the two externals may alleviate some of my leakage issues.

I will say: I have learned the days that I’m constipated (whether it be from poor diet or prescription pain killers), I have ZERO anal leakage. So I suppose that’s a positive.

I hope that you’re doing well. And that you continue to monitor your own symptoms and gain a sense of control (even if it is just this one tiny bit) over your body.

Be well.

Yours, Lisa

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