Feel Good Fridays

I do not feel good today. Nor have I all week.

A young man (I say young, but he’s my age) that I met on Saturday went missing late that evening. And in a very hot desert terrain. The day after his disappearance hit 112 degrees. And the following day was 110. And the official SAR efforts were called off due to the terrain and heat. It has now been 6 days since he vanished into the evening air. My statement has been given to the authorities. My husband has aided in the search last Sunday.

This weekend we will be heading back out to the area to help with the search.

Hold onto to those you cherish. Never be afraid to say I love you. Be kind to anyone you can. My heart breaks for his family.

May we find Derek alive and well elsewhere, pursuing some grand life adventure without telling anyone or having brought his possessions. Or may we find answers and closure somewhere out in my beautiful desert.

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